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Copyright Information

  • The artist is the owner of the copyright. However, an individual who commissioned the work for personal purposes may use the photograph or portrait for private or non-commercial purposes, or permit its use, unless the individual and copyright owner have agreed otherwise.

  • The artist retains the right to use the final piece or any progress shots in the marketing of her business on her website or social media.


C. Foster will

  • Provide a contract that has all aspects of the commission process written down and will require the signatures of both parties

  • Host an initial meeting to discuss all image details to be included and any special enhancements to make the final product meaningful.

  • Designate and purchase material necessary for the completion of the work

  • 2 progress and feedback meetings will take place to ensure the clients wishes are continuing to being me.  The client may give the go ahead at the 2nd meeting to complete the painting

  • Completed piece will be presented in a “ready to hang” format – this includes appropriate drying time, varnishing and hanging materials

  • Certificate of Authenticity will accompany the final piece

  • If after 2 progress sessions have been completed and the artist has been given the go ahead complete the project – Revisions that were not mentioned in the original contract will be charged at $75/hour.  (There are no additional charges to bring the work up to the original specifications).

  • If the client is not satisfied with the completed work – the 50% deposit will be refunded and the art piece will remain with C. Foster.


Client will

  • Prior to any commitment and before any pricing takes effect –email their reference photos for evaluation purposes (Image quality is important –detailed, high resolution, and strong lighting and contrast)

  • Once the decision has been by both the artist and the client to move forward on the project – a deposit of 50% of the agreed upon price will be required before the project is started

  • The remaining 50% is paid upon pick-up or delivery

Please contact me for my Price and Size Catalogue

C. Foster


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