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Renovate and Redecorate...

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

I have several canvases sitting on the side here that I consider subpar...they are "do-overs" or "renovations" that I plan at some point to come back to evaluate. One such canvas has been on my easel for the last few weeks. It was something I started at a workshop I took last year by Canadian landscape artist, John Pryce. Being a true realist painter is just not my thing....I look at a picture for inspiration and then toss it aside and do what ever I want! No natural looking rocks or traditional flora and fauna for me....I like to paint what I see in my imagination and often it ends up on the fantasy side of the realm.

So the renovation waterfall is going to come straight gushing gentle slope here! My rocks are going to be purple, turquoise, black and brown and gray rocks with accurate veins to be seen. I want some fir trees in my they go. Same with my ever present flowers.....let’s throw those in there too! OK....time to reveal my renovation to my esteemed group of painting colleagues. I text the group my effort - never showing them the original photo I was painting from because to be frank - it doesn't look anything like it anymore!

Their comments come flooding back....tactful, honest and hilarious! One gently suggested that perhaps my addition of my floral bouquets didn't necessarily fit the scene. Another suggested I try some ferns instead and a third inquired as to who let the "wedding planner" into my waterfall scene?

OK OK! I got the hint...out come my Bouchard garden type arrangements and thus begins a process of "redecorating".

I try no flowers...but I don't like that...its not my painting without colour of some sort...usually flowers.

I try some white flowers - but they stand out too much.

Thus I settle on some hue of blue violet that I am happy with. I add more purple to the rocks -I add more yellow to the sky and have decided in my mind that this is a morning setting.

Fit for fairies to cavort in the falls in this fantasy land......ah a little alliteration never hurt anyone!

Now....Just in case you want to see the original picture from the see how far my mind wanders from painting what someone else sees....? Take a look! moving water! I got that part right! 😆

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