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What is the Artistic Version of Whack-a-Mole...

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

I have been procrastinating updating my website, sending out a newsletter to my subscribers and painting! The reason is - I have been somewhat consumed with volunteering as a marketing and promo person for a local art studio tour coming up next well as creating and upkeeping the website for 22 artists and writing the tour newsletters.

This is the second year I have been one of the participating artists in the Harte Trail Studio Tour in Winnipeg, Canada. I was incredibly excited to be part of this group and I am really looking forward to being a part of it again this year. I thought I was the social media guru...I had watched many reels, stories and posts promoting everything and anything you can think of!

So... when I hosted the 22 artists at a planning meeting in my home in June - I asked them to participate in some video shots that I was hoping I could use to create and upload to social media in one of the clever formats I had seen many times over. Well....the videos weren't quite as polished as I had seen - but what the hey...they were fun...they made us laugh...and so what if they didn't quite reach the esteemed level of many other social media reels etc. that get posted. If you are on Instagram and watch the reels (videos) - then these will be somewhat familiar. If you are smart and don't pay much attention to the silly videos people make - then these will just leave you scratching your head!

Oh my goodness. I was rolling on the floor laughing as we tried to copy those that were so much better doing those clips! See for yourself!

I do hope that if you are in the vicinity of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada - that you will venture out on September 17 -18 10am -4pm and check out the Home Studio Tour. It's well worth planning some time to take this in and if you want to make Winnipeg a destination for a couple of days....well come on up! I'm calling you - Brandon, Selkirk, Portage la Prairie and even Regina, Grand Forks and Fargo. Grab a buddy and make Winnipeg your destination on the 17th and 18th - make this your weekend to celebrate art! :)

You can get a studio location map, a tour FAQ and check out all the artists and artisans by visiting the HARTE TRAIL STUDIO TOUR website. I am Studio #1 and this year I am thrilled to be sharing space with my cohort in crime - Michelle or now known as Studio #2. You can check out her Instagram account here

In the meantime - get a totally different perspective of our group below - we aren't always creating art!

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