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My Journal is X-rated ...

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

I've been painting quite a lot during the Covid shut down. There hasn't been much we could travel plans - no friends and family to entertain with - no gym or yoga to keep the body and mind enriched. So...I am so very very grateful to have my painting to keep my mind active, my creative juices flowing and my days busy!

Though I primarily have been using acrylics and oils for my larger paintings...I have been using watercolours to paint my rice paper flowers and....for keeping a journal. These little paintings are almost like a diary...I see something that I think might make a pretty scene and I paint it quickly - without too much thought and it just becomes easy and unencumbered and I'm happy with the result. I can go back now - and look at my journal and I know instantly what I was doing or thinking of when that little painting transpired.

Some of these have been influenced by fellow art people on the internet - some have been from my photos and memories of my travels. These are just for have fun with and to brighten the day. Someone described an art journal as a form of creative self-care where anything goes and its no holds bar.

Well....I don't want to be a boring G rated journal painter.....I'm eX-Rated...

eXpressionistic - likes to evoke moods...and I do!

eXhibitionist (I think you have to be considered an exhibitionist - to put yourself out there as someone who paints)

eXcited by new painting project

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