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Have you ever....

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

been known for a personality quirk that people who have known you for years...could watch you 45 to 50 years later and know instantly that you haven't changed! I have one of those personality quirks....embarrassing,...eye rolling...somewhat humorous at times. I am a mess...I can't eat anything without spilling some part of the meal down the front of me. I am clumsy, and at times - an accident waiting to happen. I used Band Aids to hold my broken glasses together when I kept sitting on them in high school (vanity didn't allow me to wear them unless necessary), I used scotch tape and safety pins to fix a hem (because I couldn't be bothered to take the time to tell my mom - who was an excellent sewer). Yada yada yada...I could give you a ton of examples but you get the drift.

So - how does this personality quirk fit into the world of painting - you know those liquids of brilliant colours that require you to dab a stick into a pot or squeeze out a glob and then splash stuff around on a board? Well - I know my self - and as I mostly paint alone - I know full well what I'm going to look like by the end of the day. On my Thursday morning paint group - where I paint with 6 others - there is a very large tarp that we place over the table that we all paint around. Guess who is delegated to the messy blue splotch on the otherwise white drop cloth....and by the way - I own that messy blue splotch with pride!

I have many examples of my clumsiness but I recently tried my hand at creating about 60 Christmas tree ornaments - - some poured, some painted, some blown. Good gawd...even I was impressed by how far and wide that paint travelled ....and how much also ended up on me!

According to Shared, spilling food or drink isn't clumsiness, but your brain prioritising important things in your mind, and whatever you're eating or drinking is secondary. Another study suggests that messy eating is a sign of "passion", rather than sloppiness.

I think I'd like to adopt either of those points of view... I just need to persuade everyone else to jump on board.

Below are a few pictures of my ornament creation day - I actually really liked doing these and I will be making these available at my September 2023 Harte Trail home studio sale. It's been a long - almost three years and I know we have all been touched in some way by Covid and its repercussions. But for today - and in keeping with the spirit of Christmas - may your holidays be full of warmth and cheer.

PS - I have two 2023 12 x 12 Floral Art Calendars left. Click here if interested and free delivery for the Winnipeg area.

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