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" I can't get no...Satisfaction..."

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

I seem to be struggling in recent months...maybe this whole past year. I have a gazillion ideas of what I what I would like to paint - never quite sure of the order … but have a general idea of a "list" I keep in my head.

For whatever reason....I paint something...look at it for a while...might even consider it finished and post it on my website and social media. A few days...weeks...months go by....and down it the wall where I have hung it in my studio and back onto the easel.

I can almost hear the song going off in my head..." I Can't Get No...Satisfaction...." At first I was blaming it on my painting buddy...normally my inspiration and go to gal to keep my head in the game... but lately she seems to be in close proximity when I am caught gessoing (white washing) or "Painting It Black" over an old painting and starting anew. She and I just laugh about it...and I carry on as I have ultimately decided somewhere along the way that something just wasn't looking right to me. I just "Can't Seem to Get What I Want"

So....switching over from Mick to is a perfect example!

I had painted a sunset while visiting a local Winnipeg attraction - Fort Whyte Alive . If you follow me on Instagram or may even remember my post. My actual sunset photo was full of Canada Geese landing on the Fort Whyte Pond for the night. I am horribly phobic to my painting of the Fort Whyte Sunset had nary a bird in sight....Ha! (I wasn't even going to allow those little buggers into my painting!).

I thought I liked it - I was happy with the finished piece at the time but after several months of looking at it on my studio wall....I decided it was too simple a composition and it needed some "tweaking". Errmmmmm - yea well I sure tweaked it!!

Mick is Out! Brittany is In!

Brittany didn't last have to keep up with me here...

I've already moved over to Men at Work... "It's a Mistake"


Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

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