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Is this the new norm...?

I found my sea legs....after sitting on my arse for two weeks doing anything but paint...I finally caught the bug to head down to my basement studio and start painting every day. I'm now on my 4th painting in the past two weeks....and every morning I can't wait to do "Yoga with Adrienne" on You Tube - grab my cup of coffee and head down to figure out what today's strategy will be. Should I listen to a You Tube segment on Impressionism - should I take a workshop on "Making Your Paintings Glitter", - should I log onto Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and update my social media - (Bleh..My very least favourite thing to do - so going to say a Hard No to that idea).....or should I pull out my pallet and forge into a new creative endeavour.

I'm actually NOW - having fun. Yes - this isolating is wearing thin - however it is for the common good so as my mother might have said - "suck it up buttercup" won't be forever and I have established - some sort of routine.

How many of us are finding our groove these days...just out of pure necessity in order to keep your mind and body a bit active. We all need a bit of routine in our lives - when that gets disrupted - we feel anxious and unsettled. My hubby has his routine now - he wakes up - makes coffee - listens to the news - watches Judge Judy (I think he has a crush on her!) - and goes for a two hour walk. He then will yell down to me in the basement around 3 PM - "what's for dinner?" That is his daily routine and he seems to be fairly content.

What's your new norm...your routine that is getting you through these days and weeks? I'd love to hear from you! Leave a post here or on my Instagram feed at

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