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Mary Tyler Moore...who?

A friend called this my "Mary Tyler Moore" shot. Back in the 70's - Mary Tyler Moore was a popular TV actress who captured our hearts by by playing roles that challenged gender stereotypes.

Her gift - was to find inspiration in everything - a passion for life that couldn't be squelched.

I'd like to be more like that - seeing inspiration around every corner....for composition, colour pallete, subject matter.

The world as we knew it has changed so drastically in the past month. The frightening statistics are at our fingertips day and night - the dire struggles of countries facing unheard of crisis' that have yet to be kept under control. People are quarantining, self isolating - cocooning - whatever word you want to use - the world is scared. For most of us - we have never been part of a crisis like this - one that has enveloped the world with its manacles. Maybe now more than ever - we need to be inspired by the things around us that bring us pleasure. Of course - family and friends are first on the list - but now is the time, when normal life has slowed to almost a standstill - to appreciate the beauty that is around us. Take a photo of it - write a story about it - or paint a picture representing it. Hopefully - one day we will look back on this time as a distant memory -- but one that you recorded.

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