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The business end of a hissy fit...

If you are a faithful "Friends" watcher - you may remember when Chandler told Joey - not to do something because if he did...he'd be facing "the business end of a hissy fit!"

Grrrrr....I know just how he feels….I feel I am going to be the one delivering the ‘business end of a hissy fit” after having sat here for the past 7 days on my computer instead of painting. I’ve been working on social media stuff.... fixing backend website stuff.... listening to webinar after webinar on how to do stuff...joining free workshops... and reading whitepapers on best practices.

I feel like I have started a new job...this is hard work and long hours and soooo much to do. At times...I feel like whoever is in my vicinity - might be struck with "the business end of a hissy fit".... mine!!!! husband knows me well enough to not even venture to my lair when I am consumed with the frustration of trying to figure out whatever the next latest and greatest thing is on social media.

No wonder those big social media accounts have people who do the posting and interacting with the clients...there is no way one person could keep on top of everything!!

Post on a carousel posting on Facebook...... add to your IG story and make a reel..... chat with the groups you joined to keep up engagement......update your Pinterest....... Post on Twitter……check in on your Linked In ......add a YouTube video. ...... and while you're at it.......upload your latest tiktok dance!

The one thing I don't want to have I don't want to lose the joy I have in pulling on the same ol' painting clothe and messy apron and heading to my paints and canvas to putter away at whatever creative thought is flashing through my mind at any given time. I don't want to lose the happiness I feel when painting! I still feel that excitement and passion when I know exactly how I'm going to tackle something and can't wait until I can get back to work on the next stage. Having COVID-19 restrictions for almost a year now - ...makes me realize how much painting has become my saving grace.

So, I am carrying steps in getting some things in place so that I won't always have this love/hate relationship with social media and the internet. The hate promoting yourself.... the love being awe struck by some of the gorgeous art being created and the talented community of artists that I have met online. Why am I even considering promoting myself? Because I have art to sell and inviting people to take a extremely difficult!! 😊

Look at this...everything is sitting painting is being done these days! Drat Social Media!

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