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What's in a Name...

I am no Shakespeare... but the name CREINA means everything to me. Though the Gaelic origin of Creina means "beloved or precious"...My CREINA is Love, Memories, Happiness, Special Events, Family and a Location.

I have spent almost 4 months this year cocooned at Creina....there is no better place to spend 4 summer months hoping that by the time we have to close up for the season...things might be on a path of Covid recovery. This 83 year old cottage has been a summer home to 4 generations of my husband's family. Its not the fanciest...not the largest and certainly not the warmest - but it is best loved for the memories of past family members and holds hope for the wonderful occasions we look forward to celebrating here in the future.

My young adult son asked me to paint Creina to put in his new home. I was secretly thrilled that he considered something I painted good enough to put up on his walls along with his NHL memorabilia and hockey jerseys! This was a project of love - and I wanted to get it right. Over the course of the past month - I had various family members and neighbours take sneak peaks of my progress as I diligently forged ahead painting in my She-Shed. I even asked a Canadian Federation Art expert to critique it and offer up some final suggestions. Thanks Kit!

Though Creina was named over 80 years matter the name - the family cottage is a place of love. Below are a few progression photos of this painting.