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Who Ya Going to Call.....

It’s become really hard for me to actually concentrate on making art. The assumption of my family and friends is that I would spend countless hours - while we all self quarantine - painting to my heart's content. The reality is...I feel deeply unsettled and perhaps a bit anxious. I have great intentions of coming down to my make-shift basement studio every day to paint - but most often I am fiddling with some exasperating social media platform (pick one!)- reading too many news articles, worrying about friends and wondering what other tasks I can undertake to procrastinate from taking out my paints. And oh boy...have I found some doozies to waste away my time!

I don't quite get it myself - I love painting...I love everything about it - the decisions, the complexity or simplicity and the calming effect it has. Instead - I find myself texting, emailing, messaging and phoning not only close friends but reaching out in some way to those who I don't see on a regular basis. If nothing else - this time in our lives has made us more reflective on keeping ties - no matter how thin they may have gotten over the years.

Communication is critical for everyone right now - whether you have a very small family driveway get together -(all safely spaced apart ) - use Zoom or the House Party app with friends or a phone call to someone who is sheltered and not up to date with internet applications etc. This is a really great time to reach out...catch up...share...and virtual hug!

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